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Physio Tips

Preventing Golf Injuries

 Golf is a game that requires a lot of trunk and body rotation. Golfing well without injury requires flexibility. Golfers can get back injuries if they are stiff and try to get more movement out of their bodies than their muscles and joints can provide.

Preventing back injury usually involves a combination of factors, such as regular stretching, trunk strengthening and technique modifications. These modifications may include correcting the address posture, improving weight shift and shortening the back swing.


 How to Stay on Course


Low back pain is one of the most common problems experienced by golfers. The following tips will reduce the risk of back pain:


   Put one foot on the car bumper before you lift the golf bag out of the trunk;

   While putting, bend the knees to avoid excessive bending of the low back;

   When practicing your putts, take frequent breaks to stand erect and arch your back backwards;

   Bend your knees when picking up the ball or use the golf club for support as you bend forward and allow one leg to come up behind (golfer’s   lift);

    If you are having back pain, shorten the back swing, rotate the pelvis rather than the spine during the swing and finish in a more relaxed upright posture;

   Perform trunk strengthening and flexibility exercises.