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TMJ Physiotherapy

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a common source of pain and dysfunction. Some of the more common symptoms include clicking or popping with opening or closing of the mouth, headaches, facial pain, ear aches, and ringing in the ears.

TMJ dysfunction can be caused by trauma such as a whiplash injury, excessive stress on the joint due to grinding of teeth or chewing gum, postural abnormalities especially a forward head posture, emotional stress, myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis, or dislocation of the disc within the joint.

The physiotherapists at the Kingston Injury Management Centre – Physiotherapy Clinic are experienced in the assessment and treatment of TMJ disorders.

The physiotherapy assessment includes a thorough patient history, a postural evaluation, an examination of the neck, shoulder girdle and both temporomandibular joints. The results of the assessment are used to formulate a treatment plan. Treatment may include;

  • Modalities such as TENS, ice, heat, ultrasound and laser therapy to provide pain relief
  • Manual therapy to restore movement to the TMJ and cervical spine
  • Myofascial release of the muscles in the neck and facial areas
  • Therapeutic exercise to improve motion and correct forward head alignment
  • Education regarding self-management strategies