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Post MVA Physiotherapy

After motor vehicle accidents, early active intervention promotes faster recovery with an earlier return to normal life activities. The physiotherapists at the Kingston Injury Management Centre – Physiotherapy Clinic have the expertise to assess and treat injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

Detailed evaluation methods are used to identify sources of pain and dysfunction. This information is used to formulate treatment plans tailored to meet the needs of the injured patient. Frequency of treatment varies according to the stage of recovery and severity of injury. In the earlier stages, manual therapy and electrotherapeutic modalities may be used to facilitate the healing process. Treatment may also include;

  • Education regarding the use of appropriate body mechanics and postural awareness,
  • Specific exercises to control and reduce the symptoms,
  • Physical conditioning, and
  • Training in work-related functional tasks.

The Kingston Injury Management Centre – Physiotherapy Clinic does not limit its services to the clinical environment. It provides unique services such as work site visits, community programs, in-home therapy, and splinting.

Work Site Visits: On-site visits allow the therapists to provide recommendations regarding modified work and/or adaptive equipment to facilitate an earlier, more successful return to work.

Community Programs: Therapists are available to accompany patients to local gyms or pools to set up personalized exercise programs tailored to meet specific needs.

Home Visits: If injured individuals are unable to attend the clinic, they may be assessed and treated in their homes.

Splinting: Custom-made upper extremity splinting is available for hand and wrist injuries.