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Osteoporosis Management

Exercise plays an important role in the prevention and management of osteoporosis. There are, however, certain exercises and activities that should be avoided by people with osteoporosis; particularly if they are at high-fracture risk.

The physiotherapists at the Kingston Injury Management Centre – Physiotherapy Clinic have post-graduate osteoporosis training with Melioguide and with the Bone Fit program, organized by Osteoporosis Canada. They have the expertise to individualize exercise programs, taking into account co-existing musculoskeletal conditions, fracture risk, and postural abnormalities.

The most effective exercise programs combine different types of exercise and may include;

  • Weight-bearing exercises and resistance training, to help build bone
  • Postural exercises to prevent or reduce thoracic curvature
  • Balance and co-ordination exercises to reduce risk of falling
  • Exercises to improve muscle strength and flexibility

Also, advice is provided regarding exercises which should always be avoided and those that may be safely modified (ie. yoga, pilates).