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Computer Workstation Assessment

As individuals spend increasing amounts of time at their computer workstation, they need to be aware of how the design and arrangement of their equipment can impact on their comfort, health and productivity. Repetitive strain injuries are common among individuals who work long hours at computers.

Symptoms of repetitive strain injuries include tingling or numbness, stiffness or soreness in the neck or back and feelings of weakness or fatigue in the hands and arms that do not improve with rest. These injuries are cumulative in nature and often worsen over time. People often ignore these symptoms until they stop them from doing the things that they enjoy.

Individual computer workstation assessments are conducted by a registered physiotherapist. The goal of the evaluation is to examine the workstation, identify injury risk factors, and make recommendations on how to reduce the risk of neck, back, and repetitive strain injury.

On site group educational seminars for the office computer worker are also available. The goal of these seminars is to teach workers how to improve the set up of their computer workstations and how to avoid awkward work postures. The importance of proper body alignment and regular stretch breaks is emphasized.